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Encarta World English Dictionary

Просмотры: 1101
Автор: Anne Soukhanov, editor
Издательство: St. Martin's Press
Город: New York
Год издания: 1999
Кол-во страниц: 2078
ISBN: 978-0-312-22222-2
Тип переплета: Издательский картонаж
Формат: Крупный
   A reference tool for anyone hooked into the new global culture.
словари толковый словарь

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The Encarta World English Dictionary is a publishing event that will set the standard for all future dictionaries. Created using computer, internet and database technology in a groundbreaking way, tNs is the first newly written dictionary in more than 30 years. It combines the work of the world's largest and best team of lexicographers with the power of Microsoft Encarta, the premier name in electronic consumer reference.

The work of more than 250 lexicographers in 10 countries, the Encarta World English Dictionary is the first reference work that traces the global use of English in its
written, spoken and electronic forms. With each word newly defined, the Encarta World English Dictionary is the most up-to-date dictionary on the market and will offer
a unique perspective on English as the world's language.

The Encarta World English Dictionary has:

Over 400,000 entries
Over 20,000 new words and definitions
Over 3 million words of text
Over 4,000 illustrations
Over 1,000 boxed cultural and regional notes
Over 1,500 unique Word Stories on usage notes

English doesn't belong to England-or any other country-any more. It's a global language now, a lingua franca with over 1.5 billion speakers, readers, and writers, so it's about time our reference shelves caught up with reality. The Encarta World English Dictionary, spawn of the popular Microsoft CD-ROM and internet reference products, covers this new development in the language thoroughly and efficiently, creating a reference tool for anyone hooked into the new global culture. From the basics (American, British, Australian) to the fringes of English distribution in Africa and Asia, the Encarta staff track variant spellings, meanings, and pronunciations in over 100,000 entries comprising some 3.5 million words, if, for example, your Asian correspondent asks you for your "biodata," you can quickly and painlessly learn that she needs your resume.

Its streamlined entry style emphasizes quick absorption of each word's meaning; still, browsers and researchers are rewarded with etymological and lexicographical information rivaling that found in its competitors. Over 3,000 black-and-white illustrations and 10,000 biographical and geographical entries spanning the centuries (from Gerry Adams to Zoroaster) round out the dictionary and provide depth. With all these features, Encarta World English Dictionary lives up to its promise as a reference tool for our postmodern one-world future. -Rob Lightner